MRT's experience and ingenuity is constantly striving to maintain low prices without compromising our product quality and service.

    Through various production techniques, manufacturers have been able to augment the traditional range of roof tile colors to include earth tones that blend with the environment, vivid accent colors in blues and purples, and even white to help reduce summertime cooling bills.

    Tile perfectly complements the architectural styling of any home or building. Roof tile comes in a wide variety of colors, from the rich adobe reds to colors reminiscent of moss green, driftwood and ocean blue. Combined with a variety of finishes and accessories, tile adds to the beauty and value of any structure.


Customer Oriented

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    MRT's goal and commitment is to eliminate all your worries about buying roof tile by providing the best quality products from the most reputable manufacturers in the U.S. and abroad at very competitive prices.

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